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Reps and Contacts

UCU Contacts

As part of the UCU Build the union campaign - members can volunteer to be a UCU contact - read more about what is involved or register to be a UCU contact on the UCU Build the union website.

Branch Executive Committee 2017-18

The executive committee consists of the branch officers and 12 ordinary members who are elected once a year by ballot of the membership, plus a few ex-officio members and a limited number of co-opted members. The executive committee is responsible for the day to day running of the branch and determines the composition of our negotiating teams. The executive also sets up working groups, which usually consist of executive members but sometimes include other members. Click here to view the current Executive Committee.

Associate Lecturer Representatives 2017-18

The AL reps are elected once a year by our AL members in each region. They are points of contact, and local representatives for ALs, and collectively they function as the AL reps’ committee, which plays an important role in advising the branch executive committee on matter relating to AL employment. Click here to view the current OU UCU AL reps Committee.

Regional/national Centre Representatives

East Midlands R05, Nottingham  Brendan Quinn 
North West R08, Manchester  Elaine Walker 
Wales R10, Cardiff   Please get in touch if you could be the UCU contact in Cardiff
Scotland R11, Edinburgh Please get in touch if you could be the UCU contact in Edinburgh.
Ireland R12, Belfast  Philip O'Sullivan 

Departmental Representatives at Walton Hall

We would like UCU members to become departmental representatives/UCU contacts and on the Open University campus, we have the following reps/contacts, if you would like to be a Departmental UCU rep then please contact the UCU Office on 53069 (Deb Shann on Microsoft Lync) or ucu@open.ac.uk. If your OU unit/department is not listed then we do not have a rep or contact in that unit, please get in touch if you could volunteer to take on this role.

Academic Services Steven Collis
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Caitlin Adams, Chris Williams, Meridian & Alison Penn (home worker)
Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) Kristen Reid and Wendy Crane
Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)  Geoff Bradshaw, Simon Sheridan, Ben Mestel, Alan Turing Building, John Busvine, Jennie Lee building and Kit Power
Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies (WELS) Theresa Nolan, Severine Hubscher-Davidson, Wayne Taylor, Caroline Holland and Alison Higgs
IT Kate Servant and Julian Ziegler 
LTI (Learning & Teaching Innovation)
(Replaces, CICP, LT Centre, Library Services, OMU, IET and LTS) 
Lesley McGrath (was CICP)
Kyren Burns (was LTS)
Amanda Closier (was Library Services)
Gill Clough (was IET) 

Health and Safety reps

We are interested in hearing from any other members who are interested in becoming UCU health and Safety representatives - currently these people are Health & Safety reps for the branch.

Lesley Kane who is an AL in Region 7 and 13
Peter Piper, who is an AL in Region 7.
John Peters, who is an AL in Region 7.

Further information about Health and safety.