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Associate Lecturers

The Spark - May 2016
Our Honorary Secretary has written an article for a new issue of our branch newsletter, The Spark, and these 2 files are related to an article on AL salary:

OU Branch of UCU - Associate Lecturer contract negotiations
Open University survey on the AL role

Information has been sent to all OU ALs on a new AL role survey - see further information on our news page.

OU Branch of UCU Associate Lecturer workload survey

Unlike other staff ALs are not surveyed by the university about their working hours, so the recent survey conducted by OU UCU is therefore the only such survey to date. We reported provisional results for a few modules in our last issue of the Spark (February 2015), and since then our analysis has borne out these early results.

If you would like to see the results for your own module then please contact Lesley Kane or the UCU office.

Qualitative results - May 2015

OU Branch of UCU services to AL members

The OU branch of UCU is recognised by the Open University as representing the interests of Associate Lecturers.

With your support as a member, we can negotiate from a strong position with the OU. As with any arrangement, individuals may find themselves uncertain or threatened and this is an area where the union can help you. However, we can provide advice and help only to members. And, like any union, we are stronger with more members.

The subscription can be as little as 1 per month, depending on your total OU salary. If you are already a member of the UCU at another university, you may be able to join the OU Branch of UCU for free.

Pensions for ALs

After a long battle, which included the unsuccessful employment Tribunal claims for access and backdated rights, the OU have from 1st November 2004 provided the opportunity for ALs on tutoring contracts to join USS and accrue pensionable service.

For those already in membership of USS for other work, this service will be combined with your other permanent service and the appropriate calculations made at the time you draw the benefits.

As a result of negotiations arising from the AL Role Review the university has agreed to bring a number of jobs that ALs currently do on consultancy contracts, such as monitoring, mentoring, and critically reading course materials within the scope of the AL contract. This means that the earnings for these activities will start to count towards our pensions when the new version of the contract is brought in.

Following is the link to the OU web page on AL pensions:

Any queries you have should, in the first instance, be discussed with the OU Pensions department or the branch has two Pensions Officers - contact the OU branch of UCU on 01908 6(53069) or by email:

AL Representatives

If you are an Associate Lecturer UCU member, you can get help and advice from one of our AL Caseworkers or from our ALs Officer on the Branch Executive Committee or contact the OU branch of UCU on 01908 6(53069) or by email: