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13 December 2007 Executive Meeting (071213-exec-min.pdf)
17 March 2008 Executiove Meeting (080317-exec-min.pdf)
17 March 2008 General Meeting (080317-gen-min.pdf)
22 February 2008 Executive Meeting (080122-exec-min.pdf)
ALRole-2008 (ALRole2008.pdf)
ALRole-2014 (ALRole2014.pdf)
Associate Lecturer representatives (al.pdf)
Branch response to Locations project team-Oct2014 (UCU Response to Locations Analysis - the Case for RegionsFINAL.pdf)
CDSA Agreement 1987 (AUT-CDSA agreement 1987.pdf)
CDSA Agreement 2007 (CDSA 2007 agreement.pdf)
Comms and Lobbying UCU toolkit (UCU lobbying toolkit.pdf)
frameworkagreement (frameworkagreement.pdf)
GTP-Surveycomments-Q10 (OU UCU GTP survey commentsCHECKED-Q10-Mar2017.pdf)
GTP-Surveycomments-Q5 (OU UCU GTP survey commentsCHECKED-Q5-Mar2017.pdf)
GTP-Surveycomments-Q9 (OU UCU GTP survey commentsCHECKED-Q9-Mar2017.pdf)
GTP-SurveyReport-Feb2017 (OU UCU GTP survey report-Feb 2017-v2.pdf)
GTP-Surveyreport-Feb2017 (OU UCU GTP survey report-Feb 2017.pdf)
GTPSurveycomments-Q13 (OU UCU GTP survey commentsCHECKED-Q13-Mar2017.pdf)
GTPSurveycomments-Q16 (OU UCU GTP survey commentsCHECKED-Q16-Mar2017.pdf)
HSE Consulting workers (HSE Consulting workers 2012.pdf)
March 2009 Spark Online Supplement (Spark Online Supplement March.pdf)
MSLync-webapp-instructions-2015 (MS Lync Online meeting instructions-v3 Mar2015.pdf)
Newsletter AL Update February 2007 (070317al-update.pdf)
Newsletter February 2007 (070317update.pdf)
Online meeting instructions 2013 (MS Lync Online meeting instructions-v2.pdf)
OpenLetter-OUCouncil-GTP-Nov2016 (OU UCU open letter Chair of Council - 15Nov2016.pdf)
OUBUCU-locations-agreement-Apr2016 (OUBUCU and OU agreement_27 April 2016.pdf)
R13 Newsletter issue 3-July2014 (R13 Newsletter Issue 3-July2013v2.pdf)
R13 newsletter issue4Nov2014 (Counter Closure Newsletter Issue 4.pdf)
R13newsletter-June2014 (R13 newsletter Issue 2-June2014.pdf)
R13newsletter-May2014 (R13 newsletter Issue 1-May2014.pdf)
Rules Commission Covering Letter (letter.pdf)
Rules Commission Final Report (report.pdf)
Rules Commission Proposed New Rules (commission-rules.pdf)
Spark-Feb2015 (Spark-Feb2015.pdf)
Spark-Feburary2014 (Spark-Feb2014.pdf)
Spark-June2015 (OU UCU, the Spark - June 2015.pdf)
Spark-November2013 (Spark Nov2013.pdf)
Spark - EastGrinstead special-March2014 (SparkSpecial-EGrinstead March2014.pdf)
Spark - Sept2013 (Spark Sept2013.pdf)
the Spark-July2014 (Spark-July2014.pdf)
The Spark-November 2010 (Spark November2010.pdf)
The Spark - Feb 2011 (Spark Feb2011.pdf)
The Spark - Feb 2013 (Spark Feb2013.pdf)
The Spark - March 2012 (Spark Mar2012.pdf)
The Spark - May2013 issue (Spark May2013.pdf)
The Spark - November 2012 (Spark November2012.pdf)
The Spark - short Euro issue Feb 2012 (Spark -Europe Feb2012.pdf)
the Spark April 2010 (Spark April2010.pdf)
the Spark August 2008 (The Spark August 2008.pdf)
the Spark August 2010 (Spark August2010.pdf)
the Spark August 2011 (Spark Aug2011.pdf)
the Spark Dec 2009 (Spark Dec09.pdf)
the Spark December 2009 (Spark Dec09.pdf)
the Spark Feb 2009 (Spark Feb2009.pdf)
the Spark February 2008 (Newsletter 02 2008.pdf)
the Spark July-August 2009 (Spark July-Aug2009.pdf)
The Spark June 2012 (Spark June2012.pdf)
the Spark May 2008 (The Spark.pdf)
the Spark May 2011 (Spark May2011.pdf)
the Spark November 2011 (Spark November2011.pdf)
the Spark, August 2009 (Spark July-Aug2009.pdf)
theSpark-Nov2014 (Spark-November 2014v2.pdf)
TUC Safety Reps and Safety committees brown book (TUC Safety book 2008.pdf)
UCU Ac-Related newsletter Summer 2012 (ucu_arnews4_may12.pdf)
UCU Guidance notes legal scheme 2013 (legal assistance Guidance Notes March 2012.pdf)
UCUdocument-USS consulation-Mar2015 (USS consultation Mar2015UCUHE245.pdf)
UCUPayclaim1 (UCUHE250_att1Employers full and final settlement offer.pdf)
UCUPayClaim2 (UCUHE250_att2Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Claim6.pdf)
UCUPayClaim3 (UCUHE250_att3Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Equality Claim.pdf)
UnionSummary-ALNegotiations (UnionSummary-ALNegotiations.pdf)
USS Referendum flyer (ussreferendum_flyer.pdf)
USS why we are striking (uss_whywerestrikingleaflet.pdf)
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2008 AGM Minutes (OUBUCU AGM 26 11 08 mins.doc)
AGM-mins16Nov2016 (OUBUCU AGM 2016-11-16 mins-final.docx)
AGM-minutes-18Nov2015 (OUBUCU AGM 2015-11-18 mins-final.docx)
AGM 2012 minutes - 27 Nov 2012 (OUBUCU AGM 2012-11-27 mins.doc)
AGM minutes 19Nov2014 (OUBUCU AGM 2014-11-19 mins.docx)
AGM minutes 2010 (OUBUCU AGM 2010-11-23 mins.doc)
AGM Minutes 22 Nov 2011 (OUBUCU AGM 2011-11-22 mins.doc)
AGM minutes 26 Nov 2013 (OUBUCU AGM 2013-11-26 mins.docx)
AGM minutes November 2009 (OUBUCU AGM 23 11 09 mins.doc)
AL-spark-doc1-May2016 (AL salary-LK-Doc1-May2016.docx)
AL-spark-doc2-May2016 (AL salary-LK-Doc2-May2016.docx)
AL members survey results May 2012 (ALSurveySummaryResults_May2012.xls)
AL Reps Standing orders amended Jan2011 (AL reps Standing Orders.doc)
AL salary band calculation (AL Banding calculation.doc)
ALNG update Feb2015 (ALNG update Feb2015.docx)
ALNG update June2015 (ALNG update June2015.docx)
ALNGupdate-May2015 (ALNG update-May2015.docx)
ALWorkloadSurvey-qualitative-May2015 (AL workload survey LK Qualitiative results Apr2015.xls)
April (OUBUCU EC 30.04.09 M.doc)
April09GenMtg (GenMtgMins30April09.doc)
Branch-meeting-mins-29March2016 (OUBUCU GM 2016-3-29 minutes.docx)
Branch-meeting-mins28Apr2016 (OUBUCU GM 2016-4-28 minutes-final.docx)
Branch-mins-21Sept2016 (OUBUCU GM 2016-9-21 minutes-final.docx)
Branch-mins8March2017 (OUBUCU GM 2017-3-8 minutes-v4 DS changes.docx)
Branch Meeting 24 Sept 2009 (OUBUCU General Meeting MINUTES 24 09 09 .doc)
Branch meeting EGM mins 9 Nov 2010 (OUBUCU EGM 2010-11-9 mins.doc)
Branch meeting mins 19Mar2013 (OUBUCU GM 2013-3-19 mins.doc)
Branch meeting mins 2 May 2012 (OUBUCU GM 2012-5-2 mins.doc)
Branch meeting mins 23Sept2014 (OUBUCU GM 2014-9-23 mins.docx)
Branch meeting mins 26Sept2013 (OUBUCU GM 2013-9-26 mins.docx)
Branch meeting mins 28 Sept 2010 (OUBUCU GM 2010-9-28 mins.doc)
Branch meeting mins 29Apr2014 (OUBUCU GM 2014-4-29 mins.docx)
Branch meeting mins 29Apr2014 (OUBUCU GM 2014-4-29 mins.docx)
Branch meeting mins 4 May 2011 (OUBUCU GM 2011-5-4 mins.doc)
Branch meeting mins 9 Mar 2011 (OUBUCU GM 2011-3-9 mins.doc)
Branch meeting mins Feb 2011 (OUBUCU EGM 2011-2-2 mins.doc)
Branch meeting minutes 11Mar2014 (OUBUCU GM 2014-3-11 mins.docx)
Branch meeting minutes 13March2012 (OUBUCU GM 2012-3-13 mins.doc)
Branch meeting minutes 27 Sept 2011 (OUBUCU GM 2011-9-27 mins.doc)
Branch meeting minutes 27 Sept 2012 (OUBUCU GM 2012-9-27 mins.doc)
Branch meeting minutes 2May2013 (OUBUCU GM 2013-5-2 mins-final.docx)
Branch meeting minutes 6 Sept 2012 (OUBUCU GM USS 2012-9-6 mins.doc)
Branch meeting USS minutes 18 July 2012 (OUBUCU GM USS 2012-7-18 mins.doc)
Branch minutes April 2010 (OUBUCU GM 2010-4-27 mins.doc)
BranchMeeting-Mins12March2015 (OUBUCU GM 2015-3-12 mins.docx)
BranchMeeting-mins23Sept2015 (OUBUCU GM 2015-9-23 mins-final.docx)
BranchMeeting-Mins30Apr2015 (OUBUCU GM 2015-4-30 mins.docx)
BranchMins-30June2015 (OUBUCU GM 2015-6-30 mins.docx)
BranchMtg Mins 17 June 2009 (OUBUCU General Mtg mins June 09.doc)
Caseworker-request-form-Oct2016 (casework form 2016.docx)
EGM Meeting mins 19 Jan 2010 (OUBUCU EGM 2010-19-1 mins.doc)
EGM Minutes 24Jan2012 (OUBUCU EGM 2012-1-24 mins.doc)
EGM Minutes 28 March 2012 (OUBUCU EGM 2012-3-28 mins.doc)
Exec-mins-11Jan2017 (OUBUCU EC 2017-1-11 minutes-web.docx)
Exec-Mins-16Nov2016 (OUBUCU EC 2016-11-16 minutes finalv2.docx)
Exec-mins-18Nov2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-11-18 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec-mins-21September2016 (OUBUCU EC 2016-9-21 minutes-web.docx)
Exec-mins-28April2016 (OUBUCU EC 2016-4-28 minutes-final-v2.docx)
Exec-mins-29March2016 (OUBUCU EC 2016-3-29 Minutes-DS version.docx)
Exec-mins-2Dec2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-12-2 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec-mins-2Feb2016 (OUBUCU EC 2016-2-2 Minutes-final-v2.docx)
Exec-mins-postAGM-16Nov2016 (OUBUCU EC post AGM 2016-11-16 minutes-final v2.docx)
Exec-mins8March2017 (oubucu-exec-mins2017-3-8-web-version.docx)
Exec meeting mins 28 June 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-6-28 Minutes.docx)
Exec meeting minutes 26 Sept2013 (OUBUCU EC 2013-9-26 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec Mins-30Apr2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-4-30 Minutes final.docx)
Exec mins - 30 June 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-6-30 Minutes.doc)
Exec mins 11 March 2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-3-11 Minutes.docx)
Exec mins 13 Dec 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-12-13 Minutes-webversion.doc)
Exec mins 14 December 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-12-14 Minutes.doc)
Exec Mins 15 Mar 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-3-15 Mins-web version.doc)
Exec Mins 19 January 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-1-19 Mins-web version.doc)
Exec mins 2 Feb 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-2-2 Minutes.doc)
Exec mins 2 May 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-5-2 Minutes.docx)
Exec mins 22 Nov 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-11-22 Minutes.doc)
Exec Mins 23 Nov 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-11-23 Minutes.doc)
Exec mins 24 Sept 2009 (OUBUCU EC 24 09 09 Mins-web.doc)
Exec mins 25June2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-6-25 Minutes.docx)
Exec mins 26Nov2013 (OUBUCU EC 2013-11-26 Minutes.docx)
Exec mins 27 Sept 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-9-27 Minutes.doc)
Exec mins 28 Sept 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-9-28 Minutes-web.doc)
Exec mins 29 April 2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-4-29 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec Mins 2May2013 (OUBUCU EC 2013-5-2 minutes.docx)
Exec Mins 4Feb2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-2-4 Minutes-web.docx)
Exec mins 5 Feb 2013 (OUBUCU EC 2013-2-5 Minutes-FINAL.docx)
Exec mins January 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-1-20 Minutes.doc)
Exec minutes 13 March 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-3-13 Minutes.doc)
Exec minutes 14 December 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-12-14 Minutes.doc)
Exec minutes 15 July 2009 (OUBUCU EC 15 07 09 Mins-web version.doc)
Exec minutes 17 June 2010 v2 (OUBUCU EC 2010-6-17 Minutes-web version.doc)
Exec minutes 17Dec2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-12-17 Minutes.docx)
Exec minutes 19March2013 (OUBUCU EC 2013-3-19 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec minutes 19Nov2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-11-19 Minutes.docx)
Exec minutes 22Jan2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-1-22 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec minutes 23Sept2014 (OUBUCU EC 2014-9-23 Minutes.docx)
Exec minutes 27 April 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-4-27 Minutes-web.doc)
Exec minutes 27 Nov 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-11-27 Minutes.docx)
Exec minutes 27 Sept 2012 (OUBUCU EC 2012-9-27 Minutes-web version.docx)
Exec minutes 27June2013 (OUBUCU EC 2013-6-27 Minutes-final.docx)
Exec minutes 4 May 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-5-4 Minutes.doc)
Exec minutes 9 Mar 2011 (OUBUCU EC 2011-3-9 Minutes.doc)
ExecMins-12March2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-3-12 Minutes.docx)
Execmins-22June2016 (OUBUCU EC 2016-6-22 minutes-final.docx)
ExecMins-23Sept2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-9-23 Minutes-final.docx)
ExecMins-30Apr2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-4-30 Minutes final.docx)
ExecMins-30June2015 (OUBUCU EC 2015-6-30 Minutes-final.docx)
ExecMins18thNovember08 (ExecMins18thNovember08.doc)
ExecMins26November08 (ExecMins26November08.doc)
ExecMinsApril08 (ExecMInsApril08.doc)
ExecMinsDecember08 (ExecMinsDecember08.doc)
ExecMinsJune08 (ExecMInsJune08.doc)
ExecMinsMay08 (ExecMinsMay08.doc)
ExecMinsOctober08 (ExecMinsOctober08.doc)
ExecMinsSeptember08 (ExecMinsSeptember08.doc)
FAQs-Locations-May2016 (FAQs on Agreement and Offers-May2016.docx)
FTC questionnaire-May2012 (Questionnaire Researchers-May2012.docx)
General meeting minutes 13 July 2010 (OUBUCU GM 2010-7-13 mins.doc)
General meeting minutes 15 march 2010 (OUBUCU GM 2010-3-15 mins.doc)
GenMtgMinsJune08 (GenMtgMinsJune08.doc)
GenMtgMinsOctober08 (GenMtgMinsOctober08.doc)
Hardship-loanfund2016 (OUUCUBranchHardshipLoanFund2016.docx)
January (OUBUCU EC 14.01.09 M.doc)
June (OUBUCU EC 17 06 09 M.doc)
LocationsAnalysis-questions-guidanceJune2015 (UCU Survey response advice to members June2015 v2.docx)
LocsAnalysis-OUUCUbranch-Response-June2015 (Formal UCU Survey Response-on behalf of Reg Campaign CA June 2015.doc)
March (OUBUCU EC 12.03.09 M.doc)
March09GenMtg (GenMtgMins12Mar09.doc)
MP-letter-generalversion (7 centres version-MPs Letter template Sept2015.docx)
MPletter-localversion (MPs Letter template October2015-v2.docx)
OU UCU Rules 2014 (OUBUCU Rules 19 Nov 2014.docx)
OUBUCU-agreement-commentary-Apr2016 (Regional Industrial Dispute Negotiations All Members Commentary-Apr2016.docx)
OUBUCU-expenses-claimform-Jan2016 (OUBUCU expenses claim form2016.xlsx)
OUBUCU Exec mins 23 Nov 2009 (OUBUCU EC 23 11 09 Mins - web version.doc)
OUBUCU Exec mins 8 Dec 2009 (OUBUCU EC 08 12 09 Mins-web version.doc)
OUBUCU Exec minutes 13 July 2010 (OUBUCU EC 2010-7-13 Minutes-web version.doc)
R13-response-buscase-July2014 (R13 Business Case UCU response Final July2014.docx)
Regional-Centre-FAQs-Jan2016 (Regional Centre FAQs-Jan2016-KSfinal.docx)
Regional-Closures-FAQs-v2Dec2015 (Regional Centre FAQs-Dec2015-v2-LRanswers.docx)
RegionalCentre-FAQs-March2016 (Regional Centre FAQs-Feb2016v4.docx)
Retired membership form2017 (Retired membership application formSept2016-2017.docx)
Spark-protocol-May2015 (SPARK Newsletter protocol-May2015.docx)
UCUPressRelease-15Sept2015 (Press release regional closures 15Sept2015.docx)
Work-to-contract-OUUCU-guidanceNov2015 (ASOS Working to contract guidance-Nov2015.docx)
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PJames radio interview May 2014 (Voice 017 Paula James UCU Grindstead.mp3)
Why join UCU video first draft (Join UCU video v1.mp4)
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