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Election results update

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UPDATE, August 2023 - the Executive Committee co-opted 2 new members to the Committee at its first meeting of the new UCU year on 4th July.  Valerie Demouy and Marianna Volpi have now joined the Executive Committee as Ordinary members. 

The branch is very pleased to report that we have 6 new members joining our Executive Committee for the next year, the new Exec and AL reps committees come into operation on 28 June 2023. Our annual election results were announced at our AGM on 7 June, see election report files here.

Exec committee election report

AL reps committee election report

Kit Power who is currently one of our Vice-Presidents, is taking on a new position on our Exec commitee, Kit will be our Membership and Recruitment Secretary, this will be the first year that we've had that role, following the branch rules change ballot, earlier this year.

Pete Wood, who was an Ordinary member of the Exec Commitee, will now be one of our Vice-Presidents.

Severine Hubscher-Davidson will be our Central Academic Staff Officer.

Jenny Kermally will be taking over from Judy Ekins as our ALs Officer - the branch wants to thank Judy for all her work as our ALs Officer, Judy has been in that role for over 15 years.

Gillian Jack is our new Equality Officer - the branch wants to thank Anita Pilgrim for her amazing work as our Equality Officer for the last few years.

We have 4 members joining the Exec committee as ordinary members and that is great news for the branch, thank you to all of these members! 

  • Chris Williams
  • Penny Oderberg
  • Chenoa Putter
  • Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann.


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