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UCU Statement on AL Assembly and AL Executive

It has come to our attention that the University Secretary's Office claim that UCU was consulted on the decision to dissolve the AL Assembly and AL Executive. The implication was that UCU was aware this decision was in progress and perhaps acquiesced in it.
This is categorically untrue, as the project lead has confirmed following correspondence.
We understood that a small project team was charged with 'modernising' the ALA/ALE in line with the new contract to improve representation of the AL staff body within the university. The two authors of this note met the team twice in December and were told there were no pre-determined decisions. There was certainly no formal proposal to end the ALA and ALE. The announcement therefore took us completely by surprise.
We deplore the manner in which these decisions have been taken and the lack of meaningful consultation with stakeholders. We wish to express our solidarity with colleagues affected by this, whether they served as representatives or relied on being represented by the ALA/ALE within the university's governance structures.
Decisions taken and announced in this manner do nothing to improve morale or foster confidence within the institution.
Caitlin Adams (UCU Branch President) and Richard Bradbury (UCU Branch Vice-President)


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