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UCU's Anti-Casualisation Annual meeting 26 February 2022

Stamp out casual contracts

If you are on a casualised contract, or have an interest UCU's work on behalf of those who are, you may be interested in attending UCU's annual meeting on 26th February, view further information.  Members can attend as branch delegates, or self-register. Priority is given to branch delegates, but self-registering delegates nearly always get a place.

If you wish to attend as an OU branch delegate please email ucu@open.ac.uk by 13th January and include a short paragraph saying why you are interested.

We can also submit up to three motions to the meeting, on matters of direct concern to staff employed on casual (eg, fixed-term, hourly paid or agency) contracts. If you want to put forward a motion please send it to ucu@open.ac.uk by 13th January.

The annual meeting elects a standing committee (known as the Anti-Casualisation Committee), and if you are interested in standing for election to this committee, please get in touch with us by 13th January and include a short election statement of up to 200 words. This is a different role to being a delegate to the annual meeting. The Anti-Casualisation Committee meets several times a year, committee members are usually elected for a two-year term, and play a significant role in shaping UCU's national campaigns for job security and de-casualisation. Any OU branch member in this role would get some paid facility time.

To be eligible for election to the Anti-Casualisation Committee, candidates must be employed on a casualised contract - for example a fixed-term, hourly paid or agency contract, or, if not employed at the time of nomination, have been employed on such a contract within the last two years. 

If you are an AL and wish to be stand for election to the Anti-Casualisation Committee please get in touch with us as soon as possible, since we will have to seek advice about eligibility given the current transitional state of AL employment.

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