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Negotiating and working groups

Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) 

This is the negotiating committee with OU management that has a broad remit covering a wide range of employment related matters. 

The union side members of the JNC team is as follows (updated August 2021):

Caitlin Adams, Branch President
Kit Power, Vice President
Lesley Kane, Hon. Secretary 
Bruce Heil, Ordinary member of the Exec committee

Observers: Isabella Muzio, Ordinary member of the Exec committee and Anna Comas-Quinn, Central Academic Staff Officer

When any of these are unavailable, other branch officers or executive committee members may stand in and we also have the facility to take observers to the JNC meetings.

OU Futures meetings with People Services

Caitlin Adams, Branch President
Kit Power, Vice President
Richard Bradbury, Vice President
Other Exec committee members attend the OU Futures meetings when needed. 

Associate Lecturer Negotiations for a new AL contract (ALNT)

The main UCU negotiation team are:
Lydia Richards, UCU Regional Official
Caitlin Adams, Branch President 
Lesley Kane, AL, Hon. Secretary
Judy Ekins, AL, AL's Officer
Isabella Muzio, AL
Richard Bradbury, AL
Malik Refaat, Regional/National Academic Staff Officer

Associate Lecturer Redundancy consultation team

Lesley Kane and Judy Ekins meet regularly with HR to discuss AL redundancies.

Recruitment, Organisation and Campaigns Committee (ROCC)

This group was established with the aim of making the branch more visible and improving our membership density, we invite all Watlon Hall, Associate Lecturer and regional/national centre reps to ROCC meetings.

Health & Safety Workload Campaign working group

Kit Power, Vice President is leading this group..

Equality Working group

The Branch Equality Officer has formed a working group, please contact the Branch Office for more information: ucu@open.ac.uk