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Motions passed at General meetings

OU UCU motions passed by the Open University Branch of UCU extra General meeting on 31st October 2018

Motion 2
This conference notes:

  1. the obstacles posed by the 50% threshold, which the OU and some other branches missed by a very narrow margin in the recent HE pay ballot.
  2. the attempt by some employers to interfere with the democratic process
  3. that other unions are also seriously affected

This conference asks our national officials:

  1. to intensify political campaigning against the 50% threshold, preferably with other unions.
  2. to obtain legal advice as to the prospects of success for such a legal challenge citing potential breach of human rights

Proposed by: Lesley Kane

Motion 3
Conference notes:
That many branches missed by a very narrow margin the 50% threshold required under current TU legislation to enable legal industrial action.
The average percentage of Yes votes across HE institutions are:

  • 66.7% members voted for strike action
  • 78.96% of members voted for ASOS

Conference calls on the HEC to reflect on the pay ballot outcome and specifically to consider the:

  1. timing of ballot opening and preparing members in advance
  2. coordination between national and local activity
  3. reasons why some branches achieved much higher participation than others.

Conference asks the HEC to consider re-balloting all branches where there is a realistic chance of getting a 50% turnout.
Conference calls on the national UCU to consider a legal challenge to this undemocratic legislation, preferably in conjunction with the TUC and other interested trades unions.
Conference resolves:

  • To continue to campaign vigorously on workload, casualization and gender pay gap issues – these have the full support of our members.

Proposed by John James

OU UCU motions passed by the Open University Branch of UCU General meeting on 17th September 2018

Motion 1: Solidarity with TGI Friday strikers

This committee wishes to express solidarity with, and best wishes for, the TGI staff striking over unfair wages and tip distribution. We fully support these trade unionists in their struggle for fairer pay conditions.
Proposed by Kit Power
Seconded by Caroline Holland

Motion 2: Deportation of family members

This committee wishes to record its shock and dismay at the news that a member of the OU community is having to fight a deportation order for her daughters. We support her fight to keep her daughters in the UK, and ask the branch executive committee and the university to actively pursue ways we can offer additional support.
Proposed by Kit Power

Motion 3: Jim Newall

This branch notes that:

  • on 12 June 2018, the University of Salford dismissed Jim Newell as professor of politics after 27 years’ service on grounds of an alleged failure to achieve a series of targets, set by the University unilaterally, and applied retroactively in that they were introduced only sometime after his promotion;
  • a fundamental principle of the rule of law is that a person cannot be found guilty by applying laws introduced only after the event.

This branch believes that the targets Jim Newell is alleged to have failed to meet reflect a business model of the university which is incompatible with academic freedom because it removes the security of employment academics must have in order to be able to engage in criticism and enquiry without fear or favour.

This branch further notes that Jim Newell’s situation confirms a more widespread trend that is damaging to the health and well-being of University staff throughout the UK. The branch therefore demands that the University of Salford reinstate Jim Newell with immediate effect. 
This branch also calls upon members to sign the petition (www.change.org/p/prof-helen-marshall-reinstate-jim-newell-to-his-job-as-professor-of-politics-at-the-university-of-salford) demanding that he be reinstated.
Proposed by Hilary Partridge
Seconded by Caitlin Adams