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Exec Committee - Officers

Here are photos and mini biographies of our current Executive Commitee, Officers. (June 2022 to June 2023)

Caitlin Adams, Branch President

Caitlin Adams, Branch President

Read about Caitlin Adams, OU UCU Branch President, view biography

Kit Power, Vice President

Kit Power, Vice President

Read about Kit Power, OU UCU Vice President, view biography


Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury, Vice President

Read about Richard Bradbury, OU UCU Vice President, view biography

Peter Piper, Hon. Treasurer

Peter Piper, Hon. Treasurer

Read about Peter Piper, OU UCU Hon. Treasurer, view biography


Lesley Kane, Immediate Past President

Lesley Kane, Hon. Secretary

Read about Lesley Kane who is our Hon. Secretary, view biography


Rowan Thomas

Rowan Thomas, Equality Officer

Read about Rowan Thomas, Equality Officer, view biography.


Image of Malik coming soon

Malik Refaat, Regional/National Academic Staff Officer

Information about Malik Refaat - coming soon.


Image of Malik coming soon

Daniel Sloan, Regional/National Academic-Related Staff Officer

Information about Daniel Soan - coming soon.


Judy Ekins, ALs Officer

Judy Ekins, ALs Officer

Read about Judy Ekins, Associate Lecturers Officer, view biography